The business was originally inspired by the founders mother, who had an amazing recipe called the ‘chai’. Its aim is to bring family recipes especially from the Indian background and create meaningful experiences over a delicious cup of coffee, all while considering the environmental impact.

Our Indian snack selection enables your taste buds to indulge and explore new flavours and recipes while our coffee shop provides a cosy atmosphere for comfortable encounters.

Local & Family Orientated

We take pride in getting to know our customers.

Earth Focused

Our main focus is becoming environmentally friendly while supplying you with the best hot drinks.


We hope to indulge our customers into the Indian cuisine.


Our packaging is compostable, which means that when they are exposed to optimal amounts of sunlight, temperature and moisture, they break down.


Our packaging is recyclable if it can be separated, collected and reprocessed into a new product.


As conventional plastics are derived from oil, they are not sustainable resources. Paper and board derived from properly managed timber is a sustainable resource.